Life affects patients’ lives.

Algorex Health provides social determinant data and algorithms in support of value-based care.


Using a detailed understanding of who members and patients are, Algorex Health maximizes margin for plans, providers, employers with attributed populations.

Medical Management

Objective: Achieve cost-of-care targets

How we do it: External social determinants, rising risk models, and targeted interventions

Revenue Growth

Objective: Increase top-line medical capitation and premium payments

How we do it: Continuous execution of state-specific eligibility rules against your population

Contract Performance

Objective: Maximize performance against contract terms and peer organizations

How we do it: Patient-specific interventions derived from tailored models


Social determinants of health are the missing link in population management. Algorex Health offers a suite of models deployed via non-invasive cloud-based infrastructure.

Individual and Behavioral Factors

What will a patient’s response be to outreach?

Social and Environmental Models

How does a patient’s environment affect them?

Engagement and Administration Models

How to best communicate with patients?

Clinical Risk Management Indices

What medical risk conditions affect specific patients?

Coverage and Eligibility Indices

How do patients afford and pay for healthcare?


Algorex Health is dedicated to making advanced analytics in healthcare as easy as possible.


Jacob Luria

Managing Partner

With over 12 years experience in value-based care, Jacob focuses on using technology to drive margin and scale for health systems and plans – most notably with attributed populations under advance payment models.

An experienced management consultant who has designed and operationalized accountable care organizations and clinically integrated networks for over 16,000 providers, Jacob brings solutions into practice at scale.

As Algorex Health’s Managing Partner, he ensures all products and solutions directly contribute to financial margin, patient well-being, or provider satisfaction.


Daniel Eklund


Daniel is a software architect and technologist with over 20 years of experience in software development and team management.

As a founding engineering manager of one of the first Big Data consultancies, Think Big Analytics, Dan seeks to empower value-seeking providers and payers with agility in developing mathematical and programming-based health models around risk and outcomes.


Luke Shulman

VP of Product

With over a decade working in population health, Luke has been a leader in the development of analytical systems in support of value based care.

During his tenure in product management at Arcadia, the platform grew to encompass over 25 Million patient lives and became the second highest rated population health platform by KLAS. A keen data scientist, Luke is a contributor Algorex Health open-source libraries for health care data science as well as working on the product development at Algorex Health.

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